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    55 Bus Stops Are Getting Green Roofs Covered in Plants as a Gift For Honeybees in NL


    The roofs of hundreds of bus stops have been covered with plants as a gift for bees, in a city in the Netherlands.

    Mainly composed of sedum plants, a total of 316 have been covered with vegetation in Utrecht.

    Shelters not only support the city’s biodiversity, such as bees and bumblebees, but also help capture fine dust and store rainwater.

    The roofs are staffed by workers who drive electric vehicles, and the bus stops have been equipped with low consumption LED lights and bamboo benches.

    Dutch City turns bus stops into bee stops

    This Dutch city has transformed its bus 🚌 stops into bee 🐝 stops 🌼

    Gepostet von BrightVibes am Freitag, 5. Juli 2019

    They are just one of the measures that Utrecht has introduced to improve air quality.

    The city is to introduce 55 new electric buses by the end of the year and have “completely clean public transport” by 2028.

    The electricity used to power the buses will come directly from the Dutch windmills.

    Utrecht also runs a scheme that allows residents to request funds to transform their own roofs into green roofs.

    Credit: Brightvibes – independent

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    Woman’s Garlic Peeling Hack Goes Viral And People Regret Having Wasted Their Time Doing It The Wrong Way

    This genius trick, uploaded as video by Twitter user Valentina Pestilene, has blown the collective mind of the Internet with its exasperatingly obvious technique (in retrospect). A knife is inserted gently into the bulb, and a single twist is enough to separate and remove the nail from the skin. “As someone who makes a lot of Korean food, this is the best method to peel garlic!” He wrote in a caption below the video.

    The reactions of the people, from the celebrities to the chefs, joined in wonder at the beauty of all this. Expect sales of garlic (more chicle and perfume) to increase in the coming weeks, as one of the great dilemmas of the kitchen finally resolved, and now you can realize the true potential of this wonderful herb!

    Image credits: PNW_Rebel

    Image credits: MasterBismuth

    Image credits: RebeccaCNReid


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    French Inventor Is Selling Pills That Make Farts Smell Nice of Roze

    The French company Lutin Matin claims it has invented a pill that can make smells beautiful.

    Yes, we all know someone who could use it, right? By the way, if you are blue, thinking “in fact, I do not know anyone” – it’s you, comrade.

    However, the tablets have been developed by an inventor named Christian Poinchevall, based in the western French city of Geswehr, and claims to be able to turn your scented gas into a wonderful scent of chocolate or roses.

    Yes, this anal alchemist, in fact, thinks he can calm the smell like roses.

    Credit: Madeline Malin

    In fact, he has been in that since 2007, according to the company’s official website, called Lutin Malin (it’s Canning Imp, en Anglais).

    They argue that the pill is completely natural, there is no medicine or medicine in it. Just a “nutritional supplement based on natural ingredients” that will make your scent smell good.

    Huge, if it’s true.

    “Our numerous return customers are no doubt the best proof.”

    Credit: Madeline Malin

    If you give fancy this product for cleansing butter, then go to the website – or Amazon, as it happens – and you can take a 60-patch bag in less than 20 pounds.

    There are even some interesting variations, too.

    Have you ever wanted your bloating to smell ginger? Can.

    There are even some interesting seasonal choices, too.

    Christmas chocolate or May Day lily, someone?

    It’s not just for people, neither. The site also claims to have some dust that you can use on your dog.

    Now it is a request to make. The fingers of dogs are a bane of the existence of every owner.

    Credit: Madeline Malin

    However, according to Lutin Malin, you can only sprinkle this powder on their foods and their regular rank-out will be replaced with a wonderful scent of spring flowers.

    A few years ago, Poincheval told The Telegraph that his invention was prompted by the necessity for a particularly scrumptious dinner.

    He went away. He experimented with ingredients and combinations and eventually settled on a recipe. Now, they really got off.

    He continued: “I have all kinds of customers,

    “Some people buy them because they have problems with bloating, and some buy them as a joke to send their friends. Christmas always sees sales growth.”

    Why wait until then?

    Featured picture loan: Lutin Malin

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    Cleveland Clinic performs its first in utero surgery on fetus, repairs spina bifida before baby’s birth

    The Cleveland Clinic has joined other major hospitals in North America and can now offer menopausal treatment. The hospital announced on Wednesday that more than a year after the preparations had successfully completed the first operation of North Ohio on the fetus inside the uterus to repair spina bifida.

    “The operation of the fetus in the uterus, I am directing and in charge of it, and directions on where to open the uterus, the exposure of the baby,” said Dr. Darell Kas, director of fetal surgery at the Cleveland Fetal Center at the Clinic.

    The baby girl was born nearly 37 weeks on June 3rd. At the moment, both the mother and the child are doing well. In the spina bifida fetus, the tube that usually protects the lowest part of the spine fails to close the spinal cord exposition, causing a myriad of problems.

    “Spina bifida leads to disability in the baby, can cause paralysis of the legs, it can affect their ability to urinate,” said Kas. “Increasing pressure and fluid and that pressure can lead to brain damage.”

    Fetal gynecological surgery is currently an option for parents in about 20 hospitals in North America since becoming clinically accepted in 2011. Prior to 2011, there were only four fetal surgical centers in the world. Cass was the director of one of them.

    Cass in his 17 years has done more than 160 fetal operations since 2002, and after 17 years as co-director of the Children’s Fetal Center of Texas in Houston, he joined the Cleveland Clinic to start a fetal surgery program. He and his team spent more than a year preparing for their first operation.

    “We started to make simulations and walks and preparations for how the activities will work, how will the family experience,” said Kas.

    The team also visited other fetal surgical centers across the country to learn from top experts in the field.

    While the mother does well, she is not ready for an interview. She allowed the hospital to share a video about the operation.

    “We open the uterus in the smallest way directly above the place where the baby’s back is positioned,” said Tsas. The team uses ultrasound to continuously monitor the baby’s position during surgery.

    Doctors repair the baby’s spine through the aperture in the womb 4.5 cm wide.

    When the operation is complete, “its spinal cord is fully protected,” said Tsas. “It’s covered with muscles and skin, something called a myofascial repair, what is the current state of art.”

    Cass explained that the operation is very risky for the baby; there is the potential that the mother carries his child in the immediate weeks after surgery.

    But in this case, the mother carried the child almost to a mandate, 36.5 weeks, allowing the baby’s brain to be fully developed before birth by the C-section.

    “The operation went perfectly, and actually repairing the back of this baby is the best I’ve seen in the last 20 years,” said Kas.

    Spina bifida cannot be cured completely, but the girl will have fewer disabilities and a much better future and quality of life than if she was treated after she was born.

    “It will still have to deal with some disabilities and we will work on all these things, but it will be as good as it can be,” said Kas.

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    This Zoo in China Puts Visitors in Cages and Lets Animals Roam Free

    As a child, I never wanted to visit zoos or circuses because I could not understand what was so fun in watching closed and humiliated animals. Well, as an adult, I believe that the captivity of the animals is wrong for the essence because the other species have the same rights to life and freedom as we do.

    There has been a lot of debate about captivity lately, and it makes sense why – keeping wild creatures in cages is inhumane, at least to say. Just think about it – not only have we deprived other living creatures of their natural habitat by harming the environment, but we also dare to close them for our own entertainment.


    It seems that the zoo in China has found an unusual way to bring people closer to wildlife without biting animals.

    The Lehe Ledu Zoo allows large cats and other wildlife species, such as bears, to move around for free and put visitors in cages. In this way, people have the opportunity to get close to the wild creatures without disappointment they see as captured in small cages, as in most zoos in the world.

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    Street Artist Adds Fake Shadows To Confuse People

    Below are shown 20 works by American street artist Damon Belenergh, who was commissioned to install 20 false shadows in the central area of Redwood City in order to bring more creativity in the area.

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    Credit Card Challenge That Goes Viral

    A Youtube User John Gaalli post a video trying to trick a friend with credit card challenge, on the first view seems to be okay but at end of video a friends catch a credit card and win a game .

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    Girl with rare disease invents teddy bears that hide IV bags

    The hospital often turns out to be a scary place when you are a child. Infusions are, among other things, part of what can most intimidate. A young American named Ella has found a solution to this problem: Medi Teddy, a teddy bear that can be fixed on the gallows.

    Ella can testify to her experience. At age 7, the girl was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, a disease that destroys platelets and increases the risk of injury and bleeding. As a result, she must have a blood infusion every eight weeks in the hospital.

    Photo credit: Ella Casano

    As Ella points out on her website: “When I had my first infusion, I was surprised and a little intimidated by the appearance of the pipe size and the medical equipment of the infusion. Seeing more and more children experience the same feelings, I became interested in creating a more user-friendly experience for young patients on drip. So I created Medi Teddy. I hope Medi Teddy will help you as much as he helps me! “.

    Photo credit: Ella Casano

    It was by hiding the infusion bag in a teddy bear that she managed to overcome her fear. The medical profession’s enthusiasm for this invention and their advice to improve it have totally conquered the mother and daughter to create others.

    “The goal of the Teddy Medi is to hide the child’s infusion bag containing blood, blood derivatives or medicine and to present him with a friendly face to watch,” Meg Casano told the BBC.

    This invention will undoubtedly serve many children in the future is not yet available on the market. The mother and Ella, now 12 years old, kicked off a jackpot last Sunday to fund the production of 500 teddy bears.

    The $ 5,000 they hoped to reap to be able to offer to hospitalized children have already been exceeded, the pot has so far reached nearly $ 12,000! What to make happy many children.

    Credits: Demotivateour

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    School Gives Students PE Credits for Helping Elderly and People With Disabilities Do Yard Work

    Students are usually not too excited, but after they get involved and start working in the yard, they become very motivated. What they really like is: helping ordinary people. They really like to return to people and to meet the person.

    Some schools in eastern Iowa change the standard when it comes to students’ physical education credits.

    While some students across the country have earned some PE credits with extra-curricular activities such as athletics and maraging band, this learning center gives students the opportunity to do something else: work in the yard.

    The Alternative Learning Center is a school for high school students who are at risk of getting out of school. The school offers courses outside the traditional high school as an alternative

    Part of the curriculum of the school is a selection of activities that should be considered as PE credits, according to KWWL. This school year, some students help people in the community who can not work for themselves.

    Master Tim Hitzler said that he and his pupils will see leaves, pull the weeds, grass and all other tasks that may need to be completed during the year. He said he wanted to add work to the yard as an option for activities at the end of the year, because it helps students and the community.

    Credits goes to : wthr . kwwl

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    Can you finish a 28-inch pizza in 1 hour? Try Cici’s Pizza Challenge To Win $500

    KATY, Texas (KTRK) — Can you finish a 28-inch pizza in 1 hour? A competitive eater inhaled one with time to spare Monday night in exchange for some cold, hard cash.

    Brandon ‘Da Garbage Disposal’ Clark won $500 cash at the Cici’s Pizza in Katy after he took on the two-man challenge by himself.

    He told ABC13 Eyewitness News he considered eating a sausage pizza, but it would require more chewing. He opted for olives instead.

    We told you about the rules last week: You and one partner have one hour to eat a 28-inch one topping pizza. You will each be given a 32 oz. drink.

    You have to eat the whole pizza, crust and all. There are no trips to the restroom and you have to hold it all down until at least two minutes after you finish.

    It costs $50 to enter, but if you complete the challenge, you win $500.

    You can take the challenge at the Cici’s located at 21931 Katy Freeway. You need to make an appointment 24 hours in advance. Good luck!

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    What Happens to Your Body When You Haven’t Drunk Alcohol for 28 Days

    Over time, we’ve heard a lot on the benefits and risk of alcohol consumption. A recent study revealed that an average income earner who is not addicted to alcohol consumes about 9.5 liters of alcohol per year. They probably take a glass of alcohol to reduce stress, before bedtime or when they are with friends. And this is not a regular act; they just do it once in a while. Could these people give up on alcohol totally? What will be its effect is they quit drinking for 28 days?

    Several Volunteers were made the experiment possible as Threezly was interested in this research. They want to know what sort of change will occur in their health and appearance after 28 days. The experiment proved that there was a change in their health and appearance. Here is the result

    Increase in appetite and craving for sugar.

    People who drink alcohol eat more food even before quitting alcohol consumption, and when they quit drinking, they always want to their hands busy, so they eat way more and drink juice in replacement of alcohol which makes their craving for sweet things increase. People who drink alcohol usually experience a decrease in blood sugar level as a result of some sweet kind of alcohol they take. 

    Although some people experience a decrease in blood sugar level, which is dangerous for people with diabetes, volunteers experience a headache which was caused by low quality of sleep especially by those who drink before going to bed. This affects the liver and could cause high blood pressure. Pain might increase because they don’t take alcohol that serves as painkiller sometimes. These are the experience in the first week.

    Improved sleep, urinary system, and cavity

    There are a lot of obvious changes this week. The urinary system begins to function properly, and the dark circles under the eyes and facial swelling disappears, sleep circle becomes normal and sound the  tooth enamel becomes stronger and there is a lower risk of having cavities, because there is now an increase in the production of saliva unlike it used to be during alcohol consumption.

    Yes, alcohol kills pain, but it also kills taste receptors and sense of smell. So over time, the ability to smell and taste recovers.

    At this stage, the liver begins to recover. This recovery might be slow as it is dependent on the person’s quantity if alcohol consumption. The body also experiences a change in skin color and disappearance of wrinkles as blood circulation becomes easier which improves oxygen flow around the body. Digestion begins to improve as there is now a decreases the production of gastric acid. In other words, the stomach “eats” itself slowly. By the way, this is the reason why people eat more when they drink alcohol. One challenge that alcohol quitters face in this second stage is that their desire to sit with their alcohol friends being to rise which could tempt them into drinking again.

    Drinking reduces the production of saliva, which affects the condition of the teeth. Therefore, if you do not drink alcohol, you have less risk of decay and your tooth enamel becomes stronger. Alcohol not only kills pain, but also taste buds and smell. Over time, the ability to smell and taste is restored.

    Lower risk of cardiovascular diseases

    Here the body loses alcohol beverages weight of about 6-8 lbs, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases drops dramatically. No more high blood pressure and hypertension. The skin becomes much lighter and cleaner because of the water balance in the body that has been normalized and so does the blood circulation. Confidence is restored at this stage, and the brain works productively. Millions of brain cells die because of lack of oxygen, but the reverse is the case now.


    This is the picture of what you stand to gain when you quit alcohol in the first 28 days do you want to experience this change and even more after 28 days. Take the bold decision no.

    Preview photo credit Ateepeemadeofpeepee / reddit

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    What’s Hidden Behind “the world record egg” and How Social Media is Playing With Our Brain?

    What if you hear someone saying: “I’m going to open an Instagram account, post a picture with an egg in it and break the world record for the most liked picture”, and yes, totally agree with you, that will sound the stupidest imagination ever.

    The whole world is speaking about that world record egg that sparked in Instagram, and if you haven’t heard about that, I’m really proud of you, later in this article you will know why.

    On January 4 a mysterious account appeared on the social network claiming to have only one mission: to take the throne of Instagram from Kylie Jenner. She held the record for owning the publication with the most “likes”.

    The picture so far counts more than 46 million “likes” and the account has 7.2 million followers, with just a pic on that account. Sounds crazy right?!

    But why does it happens?

    In a study from 2016, Stanford scientists used brain scans and an Instagram feed to measure peoples’ responses. They saw that users tended to “like” photos that had more likes rather than few likes, and their brains lit up in the areas associated with rewards, social cognition and attention.

    So, based on this study, there’s not important the value of what is being served but the crowd of people running for “likes” makes people to think that a simple “egg” has to reach millions of likes without any good-sense reason.

    So it makes sense that we use social media the way we do and that social media has changed our brains in the process. The key is continuing to watch our habits as social media develops and becomes more present in our lives.

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