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    Would You Like To Stay In These Floating Hotel Rooms?

    A Japanese company called Huis Ten Bosch which is commonly known for its incredible theme park in city Sasebo of Nagasaki. Now the same company is coming up with floating hotel rooms under its Mizukami hotel brand. The floating rooms will be docked at their theme park and from there they will set free on […] More

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    4 Simple Tricks That Will Make Flying Easier

    Flying, particularly amid the Christmas season, can be a tiny bit not as much as endearing. Between troublesome TSA operators, swarmed lines, and overrated air terminal nourishment, it appears to be difficult to keep up that cheerful soul. That is the reason will impart some travel hacks to you that will make certain to make […] More

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    Would You Like To See These Mysterious 13 Monuments?

    People who came to this world thousands of years before us created some remarkable and historically iconic buildings in their lifetimes. Some of these buildings still are a source of fascination for many people. Hence, today we have compiled a list of such iconic buildings that we think you should see at least once in […] More

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    This Story Of A Generous Mom In A Plane Is Winning Hearts All Around The World!

    It is said that travelling via airplane is the best, safest, easiest and fastest mode of travelling. Although it still gets difficult for parents especially when they are travelling with babies. This one passenger recently shared a story of a recent flight that he was on. Mackenzie Murphy, said she was travelling and saw something […] More

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    These 10 Places Which Are About To Disappear!

    1.The world is changing dramatically right before our eyes. Today we have compiled a list of places which might disappear in your lifetime. Seychelles is a famous tourist spot which is located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar. With each passing day the water levels are rising, so experts have predicted that […] More

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    House On Wheels? Yes It’s A Reality Now!

    I know it has happened with each one of us multiple times that we wished our house had wheels and we could take our home anywhere we want. People who love travelling often make sure they carry all their necessities with them when they are on road. Now we have a good news for all […] More

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    10 things you need to do before you die!

    10 things you need to do before you die! Regardless of what age you are, everybody has a rundown of life objectives they need to accomplish before passing on. It can be a scholarly objective or a container rundown of individual things you’d jump at the chance to do in your lifetime. Regular future objectives […] More

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    Would You Like To Visit These Bizarre Theme Parks?

    Who doesn’t love amusement or theme parks? Everyone love the amount of fun, thrill and entertainment these amusement parks provide to their guests. Although not only theme parks are as fun or kid-friendly like Disney World. Today, we’re going to tell you about 10 highly bizarre theme parks from around the world. 1. Haw Par […] More

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